Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Outdoors it is approximately 50 meters, indoors it’s about 30 meters.

No. The Bluetooth iTag uses a button battery, normal use could be maintained for about 6-8 months. The battery is an easily sourced and low priced CR2032 Lithium Coin Battery.

When the battery is low it will be prompted to replace the battery.

The patch can be hung on items, such as pet collars, loaded into bags, easily attached to thesurface of items with the help of 3M double-sided stickers which are not included in the product, or using keyrings or cable ties.

You can log in the account with your Facebook or Twitter account.

To protect your privacy, we use encryption algorithms that can protect your Bluetooth iTag and can only be used on your account. Unless you authorize someone else.

When your items are missing, you can use APP in the “Lost statement” so all the other APP users can help to find them. When they succeed in finding the items, the Location information will be sent to the owner of the phone, the owner can easily find the missing items. 

It will not. When you help others, the cloud server will only send the GPS information to the owner of the phone, so the owner does not know who is the one who helped find it, it will not disclose any personal information.

Put the patch close to the phone, open the APP, select the corresponding item or choose to add items, according to APP tips, you can associate it with the phone.

Yes, but you need your phone support from Bluetooth version 4.0, such as Android 4.3 version of the Samsung GalaxyS3, and Samsung note2 or later models.

It supports iPhone, IPhone 4S hardware or above, IOS 6 or the later software versions.

That’s means, it supports iPhone 4s,5,6 and iPad.

bluetoothiTag sends your goods in a padded post bag Australia-wide.

These bags are sealed and tamper-proof. In most cases, they are adequate for purpose. Our warranty related to stock is limited to replacement of lost stock if Australia Post cannot reasonably find it.

Battery Replacement

We provide a free battery with your bluetoothiTag. This battery may last up to 6 months, depending on level of activity. There is no warranty on the life of this battery. CR2032 batteries can be easily purchased in Australia in variety and convenience stores.


Use a coin as a key and twist it to right to open the battery cover, then replace the battery. The Bluetooth iTag uses a CR2032 Lithium Coin Battery which is easy to get in the market.

After replacement put the cover back and close it to the left also with the coin. Then check by pressing the button.

Slide the back cover in the direction of the arrow. The cover will come free and then replace the battery. The Bluetooth iTag uses a CR2032 Lithium Coin Battery which is easy to get in the market.

Carefully slide the cover back into place with your thumb avoiding the battery guide tab.

Then check by pressing the button.


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